Laidback Bishop – Part I

Sierra Nevada sunset colors

Arriving to Bishop

From Sequoia NP we drove south and around the Sierras aiming for Bishop. Since it has been quite a while since we last showered, we decided to have the night indoors. I looked up hostels in Bishop, and the first place that came up was the The Hostel California ( As we finally arrived there late in the evening, we got greeted by a super energetic cheerful man. He gave us a discount, when we mentioned we came there for climbing – we arrived to the local climbing hub.

The hostel was set in an old-ish house in the city center of Bishop. The common rooms were stuffed with climbing books, guides, walls decorated with old and special in some way climbing gear. Apparently the guy running the place even has a small climbing gym in the back yard ! There was a warm cozy stir in the kitchen, were a bunch of obviously-climbers were making massive plates of pasta. We, however, were exhausted from the past days and the long drive, and after a quick meal, crashed in our beds.

Balance up high

In the morning we head out to an equally cool cafe just 100m away – Looney bean cafe ( I had to get some work done, so we spent majority of the day drinking smoothies (really recommend them! ), coffee and writing. I quite enjoyed this break – reading and writing create a perfect contrast for crazy adventure and travel days. I also finally decided to book my flights to Hawaii! Will be heading to the World Trail Running Champs ! wooohoo !

Just before the sunset, we decided to have a quick look at the world famous bouldering destination – Buttermilks. After a short drive we got to an open field covered with sandy rock formations. The further up we went the rugged gravel road, the larger and more defined the boulders got. As the sun set, the sky colored with fair blue and purple colors, outlining unique colors and features of the rock – round bulges, massive pockets and deep shelves.

We walked around enjoying this surreal view, and all I could think about is how much diversity there is on this planet, and how activities, such as chasing cool climbing rock, enables us to see that.

We spent the night camping at a campsite driving towards the Owen’s River Gorge.

Besides us, there were another few parties. Being a bit ignorant, I asked one of these groups, if we need to worry about bears and bear boxes for food? “Not on this side of the Sierras” – he said. I still had a bunch of oranges, we got from the foothills of the the Sequoia NP, and I brought them a bunch. Got two beers in return 🙂 chill coexistence of travelers and climbers.

Between the rock and sky


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