Roads of the Death Valley

As we were approaching the Death Valley late in the evening, the road disappeared in an intense sand storm. Quite an extraordinary view – pitch black landscape with whirlpools of sand powerfully raging in the field of headlights.  A very unique experience. The winds were very strong too, and we could hear howling winds outside the warm cocoon of our car. We switched off the music and just listened; it felt so other-worldly …

Feeling small in the vast fields of the Death Valley. Photo by Scott

We pitched our tent in the first campsite we saw after entering the National Park. Next morning we rose early. We finally saw where we were, and the view was purely spectacular. Somethings that I found very special were seemingly endless roads in massive open valleys and broad horizons, you rest your eyes upon.

Entering the Death valley from the west

Roads can be an escape, intimidation and inspiration. They can be your comforting home and your challenging adventure partner. Roads can free you from the comforts that can often dull your senses, they can encourage you try new ways to be.

As we ate our breakfast sitting on the roof of our car, we got a visit of a chill gang of 5 coyotes. They were perfectly polite, and after a short glance at us, kept on running on the long endless road.

When I was growing up I used to spend countless hours randomly wondering around y city fantasizing how one day I will pack my pack and will venture into some far away lands. I lived imagining how it will feel – how powerful and freeing it will feel. Hence the road for me has always been a symbol of some magic new era, some new inspiring enriching life that will bring unexpected ways to be.


Death valley’s roads were exceptional in many ways, and I wanted to share some images with you here. I truly cannot believe the colors of the Death Valley, and how much they changed as the day progressed.

The exceptional Artist’s drive
Road towards the Badwater Basin – lowest point in US
Road towards the Devils Golf Course

More images and descriptions of the places and views we got to enjoy (including the destinations these roads led to) coming up in following posts.


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