Alone in the Mojave desert

After spending some time at the Red Rocks next to Las Vegas, an experience I so much enjoyed, we went off to the Mojave desert to explore some more special landscapes. That day we climbed all day and left for Mojave quite late in the afternoon.


We ended up driving all evening and into the night, hoping to find some camping spot (in case there was some invisible desert police in the area). We took the Kelbaker road, followed by Kelso Cima road, and finally made a turn to the Cedar Canyon Road. The road didn’t look like much, we though we’ll get stuck in some sand-dune or get lost somewhere. No cars, buildings or tents on anything.

Map of Mojave desert

Finally found a sign for the Mid Hills campsite, pitched our tents in the crazy wind and immediately collapsed. No water though, could not find water …Proper desert experience ?

Mid Hills campsite

In the morning we woke up to the image above. There was another car in the campsite further away, but no people…


We started driving out, and saw a cluster of boulders. We, of course, had to stop next and do some scrambling.

Hole in the Wall campsite

We passed the Hole in Wall campsite (image above) and continued driving south (image below). We realized we missed rock climbing, and needed to do our laundry, so decided to head to Joshua tree (National Park and city, respectively).

Heading to Joshua Tree

It was hot and windy. Very windy indeed. And barely no one or anything for hours. The most exciting thing I saw was this house with a message (picture below).

Not sure if the house is introducing itself or insulting me …

It was cool, but couldn’t spend too much time in the area, knowing that Joshua Tree was waiting for us.

Next stop – Joshua Tree !!!

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