Hello, World!

My name is Kristina, and I have never done this before. I’ve only recorded my thoughts and experiences on small pieces of paper and worn out colourful notebooks before – for only me and my closest friends to see. I have never written down my stories for everyone to read. I don’t know how to do this right, and have no idea, if I can do this at all, but I will damn try! Mainly because I was lucky enough to have been given a chance to live a life of adventure; I’ve been moving a lot throughout my adult years, finding new ways of living and thinking, exploring new fields and activities. I want to capture these lives, record things I try, see and learn, and share those with people that cannot be part of my adventures; people that I wish were here, and people that wished to be here with me. I will try to do my best to be detailed and pass on as much experience as possible.. share the instantaneous emotion, unpolished impressions and reflections. Maybe through the process I will learn to understand travel and adventure better, maybe I will learn to become more open and honest. Hope I will pass on some of the adventure to you, and we can all experience this world together.


Sending Wicked Gravity 5.11a at Backside of the Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Sending Wicked Gravity 5.11a at Backside of the Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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