Brief Joshua Tree Jam

And here is our version of the Biblical Joshua reaching his hands up for a prayer – a scruffy climber, hands still taped after a long day of jamming, hair all tousled, clothes ripped and covered in chalk, face – happy and tanned. Tired, yet passionate, he is reaching his hands up to the moon and the sky, embracing the rocks that give him the grounding and elevation. If that is not a bliss, I don’t know what is.

In the land of giants – my Yosemite experience

It does not matter how spoiled you are by traveling or climbing adventures, Yosemite WILL impress you, in a humbling sort of way, where you won’t quite be sure if you understand it yet. It is a combination of pure naturalistic perfection, unreal play of light and colors wrapping grand adventure walls, testing you for all that you are worth.