Arriving to Hawaii – tangerines in heat

As I stepped out of the plane, I plunged into dense humid tropical and somewhat salty air. My soft-shell pants and a layer of merino suddenly felt like tools of torture. I quickly made my way through roofless, windowless Honolulu airport and crowds of floral-pattern dressed people to catch my flight to Kona on the Big Hawaii island.

Death Valley – Dante’s view & Star Wars

I didn’t expect anything like this. The peace and silence I kept on feeling throughout the days I spent in the Death Valley was even more present in the darkness of the peak. The air was still and, when all the people finally departed, I felt as if I was alone suspended in the air. I was there – above the rugged other-worldly lines, immersed in cool night’s air, overlooking the silvery lines of the salty flats and lonely roads.

Laidback Bishop – Part I

There were three elderly men sitting in the at a round table in the window, enveloped by yellow light. We visited that bakery twice, and the three men were all there in their seats sipping coffee from their small ceramic cups. Right beside them – a child with a snowman onesie, and tousled hair was playing with a jerky stand. There was a lot cozy light in the room, and lots of amazing spirit.