Death Valley Flats

We spent quite a few hours driving through the Death Valley, and each time we stopped, we saw incredible colors, unusual patterns, rocks, soil and endless blue sky.

In the photo below, Scott insisted fitting me into a belay device … I guess he succeeded. My 1.85m-self never thought it was possible.

My ATC and ME

I don’t know why we didn’t do the obvious of filming some “dying in the desert” video.


Devil’s Golf course

One has to see a place called Devil’s Golf course, eh ?

It’s quite a unique looking massive salt pan with sharp highly featured salt castles covering the entire landscape. There used to be a lake here – Lake Manly with a depth of ¬9m. As it evaporated, the salts and minerals that were melted in the water remained, leaving these formations to be sculpted by the wind and sun.

You DO NOT want to fall on them

It is thought that the salt and gravel beds can go to as deep as 1000-2700 feet below the surface.

Again – DO NOT fall on them

We had some lunch there:) enjoying the heat of the sun and the dense salty breeze.

Massive Devil’s Golf Course area

Badwater basin – lowest point in North America

After Devil’s Golf field, the next stop – Badwater basin – the lowest point in North America; not that you can tell but it’s 86 m below the sea level.

During the drive up (or more – a drive down) we took a compulsory stop to look over the massive planes.


Looking across the valley towards the Panamint mountains; you can see an apron of sediment at the base of the range. You can also see a bit of the debris forming alluvial fans – fan-shaped deposits.

As we finally made it to the Badwater basin car-park, we saw some people for the first time that day. Small clusters of people, many wearing Las Vegas t-shirts and carrying selfie-sticks, slowly cruising towards the lowest a mile or two down a flattened white salt highway.

We are here ! Lowest point in North America.

The good part about that place is that no amount of pink-jerseys wearing people can reduce the vastness of this place. It is truly special and unlike anything I have ever seen before – all of the Death Valley in fact. The combination of white flats, yellow sands, deep blue and purple mountains and gentle blue vast skies. Perfect.

Miles and miles of salty planes

Do visit this place, if you ever have a chance.

Also, apparently Star Wars parts IV and VI were filmed there ! I will cover this in my next blog post about some of the filming locations and some more crazy interesting unique Death Valley sights.

Thaaanks !



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